Our customers have enjoyed World Famous Dyer’s Burgers for over a century. Dyer’s Burgers began in Memphis and world renown for our unique tasting burgers. Our burgers are cooked the “old fashioned” way in “ageless grease” in a skillet. People all over the world have enjoyed Dyer’s Burgers and spread the word about our unique way of doing things. Please view the video below to hear our story of the World Famous Dyer’s Burger and the Dyer’s “Way”.

Here’s Where We’ve Been Featured

  • Top 10 Burgers by MSN.com
  • The 25 Best Burgers in the US
  • Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives by Guy Fieri
  • Extreme Cuisine
  • Liars and Legends on Turner South
  • Hamburger Paradise on Travel Channel
  • Good Morning America
  • Ranked “food to drive anywhere from” in Roadfood America
  • Burgers and Fries by John T Edge
  • Southern Living #3 Best Value Under $10.00
  • MSNBC.com #3 Best Burger in America

Dyer’s Famous Burgers – The Legend

Where do burgers turn from famous to legendary?

Memphis’ oldest and famous hamburger restaurant, Dyer’s Cafe! More than a burger, a piece of history. Dyer’s opened a local restaurant in 1912 and is still serving the legendary Dyer’s Famous Burgers just off Town Square in Collierville, TN today.

Dyer’s Famous Burgers – The History

Did you know that the very first burgers were fried in skillets?

Long ago in 1912, Elmer “Doc” Dyer opened a local restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee and continued using this unique way of cooking burgers in a skillet. This created the famous Dyer’s burger that is still served today. Dyer’s famous burgers are still prepared in the “ageless” grease generated by the cooked burgers each day. This Dyer’s tradition generated myths for over 90 years. The legend has it that the famous Dyer’s grease hasn’t been changed for over 40 years. Truthfully, the method used to cook Dyer’s famous burgers produces new grease from the cooked burgers which is strained, sauteed and flavored every day. Dyer’s old fashioned cooking method produces the most unique and tasty burgers found anywhere in the world.

The legend of Dyer’s “ageless” grease endures with our hamburgers cooked in the legendary grease transported via Memphis police escort to it’s various local restaurant locations over the past 90 plus years.

Dyer’s Famous Burgers – Burger Joint plus

Dyer’s is not your ordinary burger joint. We have much more to offer than just burgers. Farm-raised catfish, hot tamales and grilled chicken salad are just some of the other dishes we offer. Check our menu for a full list of available dishes.

Dyer’s Cafe is proud to be a part of the other fine local restaurants in Collierville, TN.